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Front Covers of Some Magic Magazines
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IBM Ring 182 "Fantasio Ring"

Meets last Thursday of every month at:

Bazar de Magia
Hipólito Irigoyen 969
Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA



IBM RING 182 Created on July 15, 1966

Founders Members
Standing (left to right):
Edmundo Stimolo, M.Mordkowicks (Shang-Li), Pedro P. Ojeda (Fisher)

Seated (left to right):
Julio Gonzalez, Chevalier Andrey, Rodolfo Literas, Willi Burgin (Gin-Bur),
A. Tinnerello (Menthory), Hugo Puiggari (Mephisto)

Absent (Performing in Las Vegas):
Ricardo Roucau (Fantasio)



Since the obituary of Mr.Werner Geissler-Werry,which was published in the September 2000 issue of Magic Magazine, I have had the displeasure of reading several other articles"falsely" stating that Mr.Werry of Germany had made Canes and Candles using coiled plastic long before I (Ricardo Fantasio) did.

After an intensive investigation by magic historians in Germany, I can state and assure that I, Ricardo Fantasio manufactured and performed the plastic Canes and Candles two years prior to Mr.Werry.

As proof, I state that I had a full page ad in the "Linking Ring", the official magazine of the IBM, Volume 47-No.9 of September 1967. Mr.Werry's earliest ad was in his own magazine published in October 1969 offering as "New" his Candle Sensation. It was made of an off white plastic only. He did not offered plastic canes until 1971.

I also own copyrights of my products. Furthermore, in July 1968, I won "four" first place prizes at the IBM and SAM Conventions for the "Triple Color Changing Cane" and "Candelabra".